• Tongue Tie Assessment                   €80
  • Frenotomy Procedure                     €120
  • Total cost                                             €200

Health Insurance

The assessment fee may be claimed from certain health insurance providers. I am a registered lactation consultant with the Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland. Many health insurance policies provide cover for post natal lactation consultant assessments.

The procedure fee may be claimed under GP expenses under certain health insurance policies.

Please check with  your individual insurance provider.

There is no procedure code or doctor code available. These codes only apply when the procedure is performed in a hospital setting.

Medical Card

There is a reduced rate for mothers with a validated GMS medical card. This does not apply to infants with under 6 card. This rate only applies to mother’s medical card status.

Please bring your validated medical card to the appointment.

Total cost €60


We hope this clarifies any queries you may have had. If you have any further queries please email info@camdenmedical.ie.